Hi, I'm Kris, a Product Manager in software engineering for digital transformation

Currently I support software development teams in all phases of the product life cycle, and mostly in design, solutioning and delivery. I have over 30 years’ experience in technology development in B2C and B2B for  industries such as travel & hospitality, life sciences, energy and retail.

My 2022 Year in Review

 This year I supported 3 teams with members across the country and the globe. The first was a Product Management training development team. We refined the training in response to data collected during the MVP. The second two teams I supported in releasing software product MVPs to production. Through various channels I was invited to perform 3 speaking engagements related to neurodiversity in technology.  With my organization’s outreach program I participated in a program to teach JavaScript to middle school girls. I supported 3 direct reports and led 5 interviews for hiring product managers. I was promoted! Outside of work and health pursuits a lot of television was watched while “bubbling” at home. At the start of the year I was out for a quarter pursuing a treatment plan for CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.) Happily I was able to improve my health and return to work.

Product MVPs launched
0 days
Average time saved by users
Continents partnered with
Direct reports supported
Product Manager interviews led
Additional cloud certifications
Speaking engagements
Peer and manager awards earned
Students in Javascript class
0 %
CIRS symptoms addressed
0 +
Foods eliminated
Episodes of "Doctor Who"

How it happened

I myself am consistently amazed by the things we all accomplish. I don’t think I’m doing much more than anyone else but the exercise of logging it is actually what provides the ability to marvel at what we can achieve.

Jan 2022
Started the year out of office.

My health not to mention my state of mind was being severely challenged. This time was spent:

  • logging 60+ inflammation symptoms logging at least daily
  • attending 30+ doctors visits with 10+ doctors and 10+ medical tests to determine or rule out specific causes
  • eliminating 20+ foods from my diet
  • adding 10+ supplements and medications
  • attending to 10+ communications with short term disability provider
  • achieving remission of most of my symptoms
Mar 2022
Achieved remission and returned to office.

I was relieved to be back in office. This time was spent:

  • working with the team who administered the financial services Product Management training to productize the training
  • supporting transition of the product community for infrastructure changes
  • gaining an Azure cloud certification
  • speaking on neurodiversity topics
  • continuing refining management of health management
  • continuing to petition for the first quarter short term disability benefits
  • receiving the promotion I had been evaluated for the prior year, yay! One of the best things to happen to me in 20 years
Jul 2022
Joined engagement to help launch MVPs.

2 teams were behind in getting to MVP production launch. This time was spent:

  • Joining and getting up to speed with my colleague, an anchor architect, to help the teams strategize how to get to production. This included:
  • clearing integration dependencies
  • getting the data designs in place
  • scoping and then supporting the MVP launches
  • scoping the roadmaps for the future of both products
  • restoring the confidence of the stakeholders
  • changing orientation from project to product orientation
  • joining the effort to interview product management candidates
  • taking on 3 direct reports
  • taking on leadership of one team for our internal buddy program during infrastructure changes
  • gaining a Google cloud certification
  • continuing refining management of health management which became more challenging with the pressures of engagement “fixing” and infrastructure changes that result in multiple flare ups
  • continuing to petition for the first quarter short term disability benefits
Sep 2022
Post launch activities

MVPs 1 and 2 were launched in September and October respectively. The last quarter was spent:

  • transitioning the teams to durable teams and/or next phase teams
  • handing off product 1, product 1 phase 1, and performing roadmapping and planning for product 2  phase 2
  • continuing support for the buddy program, 3 direct reports and the MVP team members
  • receiving management and peer awards for all of the above; in addition our customer product set got into the short list for our parent organization’s global project of the year (no small feat as our organization has 300k+ employees worldwide!)
Thanks for your time!

If I can help you or you can help me, please get in touch!
kris at silente dot com

What's next?

I’m looking forward to 2023. I’ll be focused on my health, work life balance, and maybe trying to up my social game a little. While I don’t expect to be extensively out and about as long as there are health risks for me, I’d still love to find ways to strengthen my relationships. Now that I’ve been in my home for a little while, I’d like to give even a little more attention and care to the place where I am spending so much of my time.