2016 Q1 Goals Review – Go Girl

April 6, 2016

Overview / Background

It’s April already! After the first quarter of the year I thought I’d check in on my 2016 goals and progress. The initial personal Annual Review with goals is here.

My goals for 2016 are:

  • 1+ Level Advancement
  • 1+ Professional Credential
  • 1+ Girl helped to participate in STEM
  • 1+ New Sport

A little more background: Let me start by saying I had five goals initially and I dropped one. The fifth goal was an article for publication, and I am pushing that one off as I don’t see prioritizing it right now, because also, life. If I can achieve the advancement goal presumably that kind of opportunity will come with it. And, in case anyone noticed, I have refocused my posts on current Analyst work. Event though for the future I am focused on Product Management activities, I think I can talk about that more easily once I have more quantifiable results.

As for progress on the remaining goals, the one I’ve been most actively working on in 2016 is helping girls to participate in STEM.

Step 1

The primary way I’ve taken action on this goal is by applying to and being accepted as a mentor for the new 1000 Girls 1000 Futures program.*


After participating for a couple of months, I have

  • been promoted to the position of Group Leader from Mentor. This means I am
  • responsible for a group of 24 girls (not just one) and when they submit assignments I check in assignments, give credit and give feedback. So far I have
  • worked on 22 College Preparation and Leadership assignments.
  • I’ve started one group discussion and participated in multiple others, as well as
  • connected one expert in my work place with a program event (a panel discussion.) Recently
  • one of the students shared my feedback with the entire group along with actions she has planned from the reading I suggested.

Additional Steps

Other actions I’ve taken toward this goal is I live in a women only building (an unusual story for another time) and

  • every month this year I have provided two vouchers for a woman from the building to use to visit the American Museum of Natural History. Also I have
  • shared the wonderful experience I’ve had with the 1000 Girls 1000 Futures program with my local Women in Natural Science group who also does STEM mentoring.


At this point I think I can say I’ve met and surpassed my goal to help 1+ girl to participate in STEM. A side benefit is being incredibly inspired by everyone in the program: the girls, the mentors, the folks who put this together and run it. I will continue with the same activities, but for the next quarter, I’ll also be focusing on the achievement of at least one of the other goals…


“The Global STEM Alliance is an international initiative of the New York Academy of Sciences. It is an innovative new program designed to take on one of the world’s biggest challenges right now: getting more women into STEM…By providing hands-on research projects, mentoring opportunities with leading STEM experts, and a comprehensive, tech-based learning platform, the GSA arms students with the skills they need for successful careers”


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