Hi, I’m Kris, and here’s my 2020 in review!

The understatement of a lifetime is that 2020 has been an exceptional year. I was fortunate to continue my work as a Product Manager for a global technology consulting firm. I saw unprecedented achievements in the workplace. I saw family, friends, colleagues and myself sustain unthinkable impacts from the pandemic. Like many I locked down, distanced, masked, hand washed, got grocery delivery and cooked. I took a vacation locally for my birthday and got the heck scared out of me.

In 2021 I look forward to processing as an individual; and as a member of a family, a workplace, a community, a nation, a world—everything that happened in 2020. The successes, the losses, the traumas, the lessons, the silver linings. Below is a little more about where I’ve been this year—and where I’m really hoping I’m headed.

Current State and Future State


Current state is I’ve continued as a customer facing Senior Product Manager / Team Lead in the field for a Digital Innovation Center.

The teams I worked with went remote, created a data aggregator platform and created a cloud identity platform.

One team was able to:

  • surface .5m in recovered cost savings with 2m more annual projected
  • cut process steps in half
  • increase speed significantly
  • pilot a progressive web app that takes advantage of device capabilities like reading bar codes and caching data for offline use
  • pilot MS Teams and remote work just before the pandemic

The other team who started later in the year during the pandemic piloted a proof of concept for the ability to use Cloud Identities for authorization and authentication.

I’ve also had the opportunity to:

  • receive a prestigious  award for supporting customers
  • level up on remote facilitation supports
  • be entrusted with taking on direct reports internally
  • become a mentor / mentee through the women in engineering group
  • take a more active role in my company’s women’s affiliate group
  • gain unprecedented levels of self knowledge and understanding around my own strengths and limitations

In the coming year I want to:

Experiments / Hobbies / Extracurriculars

Current state is experiments, hobbies and extracurriculars have been  pretty much about pandemic impacts triage.

I also did some volunteering, learning and tv watching.

Continuously refined my lockdown game with:

  • distancing, I have not been in physical proximity to other humans but a few times over the past 9 months
  • masking, these are great, I’ve even biked in them comfortably as opposed to the disposable ones that make your face sweat bullets
  • cooking especially with a behemoth  Instant Pot and a bread machine
  • micro gardening mushrooms & herbs
  • cycling on average about 4 miles on each of a couple of weekends a month, last week I did a 15 mile ride
  • walking a total of 1-6 miles on each day for a few days a week
  • reading ~3 articles per day in the morning, usually served up by Pocket
  • participating in citizen science efforts like the C-19 Zoe app and genetics studies around health
  • watching The Mandalorean and lots of stand up comedy


  • with my company’s Outreach organization on a NCWIT panel for young women interested in product management

Took webinar courses in various subjects including:

In the coming year I want to:

  • establish a writing practice
  • keep moving toward and hopefully settle into a home and lifestyle that suits whatever a new normal may be


While the achievements have been high this year, the stress has been amplified x10 for the extremely challenging level of difficulty. Here are some things that happened:

  • lost loved ones, saw friends and colleagues lose loved ones
  • witnessed heavy impacts with little available support on friends and loved ones, especially those who work in health care and in education
  • witnessed impacts on many colleagues
  • witnessed impacts of systemic inequities on my loved ones
  • had exceptionally poor sleep
  • experienced symptoms of burnout

Steps taken to mitigate these challenges:

In the coming year I want to:

  • put supports into place to be as adaptable as possible to whatever is coming next
  • celebrate that many of the measures I have put into place for being resilient have gone a long way to maintaining resilience during 2020
  • be extra mindful that my and everyone’s experiences are valid and may have differences – how can we support one another and work collaboratively toward common goals?

Think you can help me achieve my goals or think I can help you? Get in touch!
e: kris at silente dot com
m: seven one eight two one three nineteen thirty nine