I recently tried an optimization experiment for LinkedIn Endorsements.

The source of the experiment was Scott Tousley’s post located here http://blog.portfolium.com/increase-linkedin-skills/

I followed Scott’s formula and learned some things along the way as Scott’s  post is from 2014 and LinkedIn has evolved the way endorsements work since then.

Here’s what happened:

My endorsements for newer activities that I wanted to highlight went up – literally from 0 to 60. Of 364 LinkedIn connections, 59 endorsed me for my current top skill – that’s 16% which is significant.

I had renewed contact with folks I hadn’t been in touch with for a while. This resulted in some new collaborations, catching up on others’ activities, and pleasant exchanges with people I like and admire.

I learned that you can sort your endorsements in the profile.

I’m actually not sure how endorsement prompts work because I know for example that my connections are still being prompted for skills I have but that are not necessarily ones I most want to feature at present. Also some of the skills I want to highlight seem to surface for some and not others. If anyone can shed light on how these things work I’d love to know more!

In summary I found this to be a very worthwhile endeavor. Though many may consider endorsements a low value aspect of the LinkedIn profile, an exercise in optimizing them gives you a great low pressure way to get in touch with connections and provides a vehicle for you and anyone who participates with you to critically evaluate their LinkedIn profile presentation for being current and relevant.

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