I’ve done 356 meditation sessions this year. I’m hooked on the Insight Timer App.

Because first of all, they track my activity and therefore I happen to know the number of meditation sessions I’ve done.

But also:

  • they have about 7500 free guided meditations so that’s a lot to choose from
  • there were 269,947 meditations today, all over the world
  • there are 3,123 other people meditating with this app right now
  • sometimes a person will send me a little poke and say “thanks for meditating with me”
  • often, I will look at what other people are doing for inspiration, as I can see the other people and what they are up to in a listing on my home screen
  • I now have favorite meditation teachers

This practice has significantly improved my life. I am less likely to eat, drink, smoke, worry, ruminate, or pick any crappy habit to do if I am meditating. I also sleep better and feel better in general. Recommend.