Some of the most rewarding work and learning that I’ve done over 2015-2017 has been with the 1,000 Girls 1,000 Futures Program of the New York Academy of Science.

1000 Girls, 1000 Futures is a groundbreaking initiative of the Global STEM Alliance designed to engage young women interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, and advance their pursuit of STEM careers through mentoring and 21st-century skills development.

It has been my privilege to be involved as a Group Leader for 2 years, since the launch of this exciting program. I have worked with student mentees from the U.S., the U.K. and Rwanda and mentors from all over.

As a Group Leader, I have spent about 80 hours total working on leadership activities, or about one hour per week average during about 10 months over the course of each year. Tasks I’ve performed and breakdown of time spent are:

  • Taking leadership and business trainings for Group Leaders and Mentors – 5 hours
  • Studying and learning the program curriculum in Leadership, Communication, Critical Thinking and College Readiness and giving feedback – 10 hrs
  • Managing any platform or other issues the mentees or mentors may be having – 10 hrs
  • Leadership participation in group forums, chats and other presentations – 10 hrs
  • Providing program feedback based on mentor and mentee needs for support – 5 hrs
  • Checking in student assignments – 20 hrs
  • Attending in person events such as the annual conference and facilitating student activities – 5 hrs
  • Taking on a mentee and acting as mentor to students who have not yet been matched to a mentor – 15 hrs

The Group Leaders are given a stipend of $2,000 for the year which is wonderful and in my case covers about 20 hours annually at my typical hourly rate. So about 1/2 the work for me is covered by this for basic administrative work like checking in assignments. But to cover the leadership and strategic activities and for the love of it, you will likely volunteer to do double that amount of work as I did.

If you work in any area of Science, Technology, Engineering or Math, please consider developing yourself professionally by participating in this or other programs like it. The personal and professional rewards are great but more than that, the contributions you can make to our profession are a legacy truly worth pursuing. Learn more here.

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